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3 Qualities that Great Attorneys Share

Here at the Law Office of Melissa Stewart, formerly Groff Law Firm, we understand that dealing with legal matters can be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to it, and one of the most intimidating parts is finding the right attorney. There are a multitude of attorneys and law firms to choose from, and it can be difficult to know when you’ve found someone you can count on. To help make your decision process easier, we’ll go over three qualities that great attorneys share.

  1. Strong Communication Skills- First, great attorneys need strong communication skills. Since so much of the legal process is founded on written documents and oral court proceedings, it’s important that your attorney be articulate and confident in their communication. However, it’s also important that they communicate well with you, the client, taking the time to really listen to your situation and ask clarifying questions, making sure you understand the legal terms being used, etc. At the Law Office of Melissa Stewart, we’ll always take the time to make sure you fully understand our reasoning and make sure we’re meeting your specific needs.
  2. Patience- Somewhat related to the above point, great attorneys must also have patience. As we mentioned, many people get nervous about legal matters, and it falls to the attorney to make them comfortable with the proceedings. In addition, even non-courtroom legal matters can take time as documents are filed, amended, resubmitted, and more. A great attorney will not only endure this waiting game with poise, but will also help their clients stay patient too.
  3. Creativity- Creativity is not a quality that is often attributed to professionals in highly logical fields like law, but the truth is that the best attorneys maintain a creative approach to problem-solving and a willingness to think outside the box to achieve the best outcomes. When you come to our team at the Law Office of Melissa Stewart, you can rest assured that we’ll use our problem-solving abilities to their fullest extent to give you the solutions you need.