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Legal Advice

When it comes to legal advice, it can be tempting to trust a Google answer or seek out a friend of a friend who is in law school. However, the law is complicated and ever-changing, so in order to get a true understanding of what is best for your situation, you really should meet with a licensed attorney for legal advice. Are you unsure if you really need to meet with an attorney? We have come up with three instances in which you should seek out professional legal advice.

  1. You are being sued. While it might seem obvious to obtain legal advice if someone is taking you to court, you might make the mistake of thinking this is something you can handle ourselves. In order to obtain the best results of any type of litigation, a seasoned attorney is your best bet.
  2. You are drafting a legal document. Whether it’s the creation or separation of a business, re-evaluating custody agreements, a living will or last will and testament, or any other time when legal documents are going to be signed, legal advice can be invaluable. You want to ensure that whatever you sign is in your best interest, and a lawyer can help you sift through the legal jargon that might be confusing.
  3. You have been charged with a crime. Big or small, being charged with a crime can turn into a legal nightmare if you don’t seek legal advice as soon as possible. Play it safe no matter the offense and obtain legal advice.

If you are thinking you need legal advice, always consult an attorney. Here at the Law Office of Melissa Stewart, formerly Groff Law Firm, we can assist you with your legal advice needs.