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Tips for Preparing to Meet with Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

You have decided to file for consumer bankruptcy, but first, you want to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer to determine if this is really the right option and to secure help with the rest of the filing process. Before you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer at our firm, there are several things you should do to prepare for our first meeting:

  • Prepare to divulge personal information. As your bankruptcy lawyer, we need to know information about your personal financial situation, so we are able to help you effectively. For instance, we will need to know if your wages are being garnished, your home is in foreclosure, you are late on your car payments, what types of debt you owe, how much your income is, what assets you own, etc.
  • Gather essential documents. Without certain documentation, we will not be able to help you process your bankruptcy. While we can help you determine exactly which documents you need to collect, it is a good idea to get a start on this process before we meet, especially if you want to complete the bankruptcy process quickly. We recommend gathering at least two years of tax returns, several months of bank statements and pay stubs, any paperwork related to a foreclosure, copies of any life insurance policies, copies of your vehicle and mortgage loan statements, and copies of any investment and retirement account statements.

Prepare your questions. As your bankruptcy lawyer, we realize you might have many questions about the bankruptcy process and what is to come. We will make sure we leave plenty of time to answer these questions, so please come with a list prepared for our first meeting.