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get the most from your legal consultations

When you have decided that you need an attorney, you might be nervous about what to expect. Many of us don’t have a lot of contact with attorneys or the legal world, so it is completely normal to have a lot of questions. During a legal consultation, you are able to meet with an attorney and determine whether or not you have a case or whether or not to retain them as your attorney. Here at the Law Office of Melissa Stewart, formerly Groff Law Firm, we have a few tips to help you get the most from your legal consultations.

  • First, do your research beforehand. Most attorneys and law firms have legal websites that you can refer to in order to answer any questions that you might have. Many attorneys list the types of law they prefer to focus on, how long legal consultations will last and whether or not the first consultation will be at a cost to you. Spending a few minutes answering common questions will leave you more time for the more difficult questions you need answered.
  • Second, be honest with your attorney — even brutally honest if needs be. Your attorney isn’t there to pass judgement on you, but there to provide you with the best legal representation. They will not reveal your issues because they are legally bound to attorney-client privilege.
  • Third, be prepared to take some notes of your own. A lot of information is gone over during legal consultations and it can be easy to forget things. Channel your inner student and bring plenty of papers, pens and highlighters to make the most of your meetings.