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What You Need to Know About Living Wills

Here at the Law Office of Melissa Stewart, formerly Groff Law Firm, we understand that few people enjoy thinking about their own mortality, but we also know that it is sometimes necessary to do so in order to plan for your end-of-life needs and the needs of the loved ones you will leave behind. Our team can help you make these plans in a number of ways, but one of the most important is helping you draft a living will. In this article, we’ll go over some key information you need to know about living wills and what they do.

What is a Living Will?

First, we’ll explain exactly what living wills are. To put it simply, a living will is a legal document in which you spell out what medical treatments you would and would not want to be used to keep you alive in the event of a severe illness or injury. For example, would you want to be resuscitated? Kept on a ventilator? Fed by a tube? This document allows you to make your wishes on these matters clear, and also allows you to specify your preferences for things like organ donation and palliative care.

How to Create a Living Will

When you are ready to start creating your living will, it is generally best to consult a lawyer to help you through the process. Our team has extensive experience in this area and will make sure you file all the right forms to put your will into effect. It’s also recommended that you consult with your healthcare providers during this process, and you will definitely need to give a copy of the completed document to your primary physician and any other medical professionals involved in your treatment. We also recommend talking to your loved ones about the contents of your living will so that they are aware of your wishes–having this conversation now will help spare them from feelings of guilt or confusion later.